Summary on Managing Your Members

A summary on the features that you can use to manage your members.

To access the Members Area you need to login to the website and have Editor Access of the Membership System.

  • Click on Membership in the top navigation bar
  • Select Members from the left side menu

This will automatically show a list of pending members, and their membership details. To change this list to all members, current or expired members, click the drop down list and select the required list.

You can also sort the list by Membershp Level using the drop down list along side.

On this page the Members details can be viewed, along with the availability to add or view Notes, and Email a Member.

In the  icon, admin can;

    • + Add Payment; used to enter a Membership payment, paid by the member.
    • View Member Details; shows the Members name, address, and contact details.
    • View Membership Data; details the information that the membership included in the sign up form. 
    • View Orders; gives a list of past transactions for the member.
    • Remove Member; will remove a member from a membership level only.  This will not remove the member account.

Watch the Membership Tutorial Video