Online Course Module

Run online courses and assessments through your Member Jungle System.

* The course module is an add-on module available to our Member Jungle clients. If you would like to discuss adding this module to your site, please raise a support ticket *

In This Article

Adding a Course

Adding a Course Chapter

Adding Course Questions/Exams

Add Additional Course Products

Creating Course Discount Codes

Issue A Course Certificate

View Student Details

Add a Student

Course Reporting

View Students Course Results & Access Certificates


Adding a Course

The first step to adding is a course, is firstly creating a role for your students in the security module. You do not need to give any permissions to this role. 

Please see roles & permissions article for instructions.

To create a course, you need to be logged in as administrator with the relevant role. Select the Course Module from your list of modules. 

  • From the left navigation, select Course Admin and then Courses
  • If you have existing courses, these will be listed. Below this you will the find "Add a course" form.
    Add a course

Course Name: Give your course a name
Course Price: The cost your students need to pay to join the course. Note: If you have different pricing options for the course it is best to leave this as 0 and add the pricing options into your "additional products"
Maximum Resits: The number of times a user can resit a course before requiring payment. Leave this empty if you do not wish to allow students to reset their own results. 
Author Name: The name of the course author
Percentage Pass Mark: The % result that is considered a pass mark in this course
Select the Security Role you want associated with this course: Select the role from the drop down menu, that you set up from step 1. When someone signs up to this course, they will be given this role and any privileges associated with the role.
Secure Chapter Files: Select whether you would like the files in your chapter secured to students only, or available to the public to view.
Course Brochure: Upload a brochure for your course
Automatically Approve Students: Select whether the students will automatically gain access to the course upon payment, or if they will need to be approved by an administrator.
Course Manager Email: Include an email for all correspondence for this course. This email address will be notified when the student sign up and complete courses
Course Description: Add a full description of the course.

Once you have completed the fields, select "Add Course".

Your course will now display in the list of Courses. 

New Course

Adding Course Chapters

Once you have added your course, you will need to add the course chapters. To do this, select the Chapters icon Chaptersnext to the course name.

Complete the form for each chapter of your course


Chapter Name: Give your chapter a name
Author Name: The name of the author of this chapter
Chapter Order: The order in which this chapter will be available to your students
Chapter File: If you wish to upload a file that is relevant to your chapter (eg - a printable copy of the chapter description or a relevant reading material), you can do so here
Chapter Description: The full details of your chapter. This generally includes the chapters reading material for your students. 

Once completed, select Add Chapter.

Repeat this step until all of your Course Chapters are added.

Chapters will then need to be activated once completed.

Adding Course Exam/Quiz Questions

Where you have a Chapter that requires the students to complete a quiz, you can add the questions to the relevant Chapter by selecting the Quizicon for that Chapter.

Questions are multiple choice.


Question: Type the quiz question for your students to answer
Notes: If you have further information, instructions or notes for the student to display with this question, you can add this into this field. It will be displayed in italics under the question.
Enter the Order Number for this Question: This will dictate what order this question is asked to your students.
Answer Options: Add up to 10 options for the multiple choice answer. Click the circle beside the correct answer to highlight that answer in blue.

Once you have completed this, select Add Question.

Repeat this step for all quiz/exam questions for this Chapter.

Add Additional Course Products

You have the option to add additional course products for the students at sign up. This can also be used as the pricing of the course if you offer multiple pricing options. 

Select the Additional Products Additional Products icon beside your chosen course.

These options will be available to students at sign up for this course.

Additional Products2

Adding a Course Discount

It is possible to add a discount code to for your students apply to your course at sign up. 

To do this, select Discounts from the left navigation, and select Add A Discount.


Complete the form to create your discount code.

Add Discount-1

Discount Code: The code your students need to add at checkout in order to apply the discount
Start Date: The date the discount code will begin to work
Expiry Date: The date the discount code will no longer work
Notes: Any details to be displayed in relation to the discount code
Applies to Course: Select which course this discount will apply to. You can select all courses or a single course.
Applies to Course Products: Select if you would like the discount to be applied to the additional course products.
Discount Amount: Check either the $ or % and enter the amount in dollars or percentage discount that will apply.

Once completed ensure you select Save & Close. You will then see the discount listed as inactive. Activate your discount code for this to work according to your settings.

Issuing a Course Certificate on Completion

Once you have created your course and included a price or additional product, you have the option to edit the certificate of completion that is issued to your students automatically. (This option will not be available until you have completed the above steps in setting up your course).

To do this, select the edit icon edit next to the course name.

Below the details of the course you will see two new fields.
Certificate Subtitle:  Will be displayed under the main heading
Certificate Footer: Will be displayed under the main body of the certificate

Once you have added these details (optional) scroll to the bottom and select Save & Close to save your changes.

View Student Details

You can view the students who have enrolled in each course. To do this select Student Admin, then Students from the left navigation. 

You can view all students, or use the drop down filter at the top of the page to view a list of students per course.

Edit Student

If you click the edit icon next to the students name, or click on the students name, you will be able to view the students full details including name, address, contact details and the courses they are enrolled in. This is all able to be updated by administrators if required.

You can also delete, activate and deactivate a student in this area.

Adding a Student

An administrator can manually add a student by selecting Student Admin, then Add a Student from the left navigation.

You will be required to complete the students details, including a username and password, and demographic information. Select the courses that the student is to be enrolled in and click Enrol. Note that adding a student this way will not go through any payment process. 

Course Reporting

The Enrolment Report will display the details of all students who have completed an online course. Administrators can filter the results by the course, the date window that the student completed the course, and what the status of the students results were.

These results are able to be exported to CSV by selecting the Export button at the bottom of the report.


The Product Report is available to display the students details who have purchased the entry into any online course or additional products. 

This can be filtered per course and by the available additional products. 

Pmt Report

This report is able to be exported to CSV by clicking the Export button at the bottom of the report.

Accessing Student Results and Certificates

The Student Report is available per course. To view this report, select Course Admin, then courses from the left navigation. Select the student icon Students beside the relevant course name.

Student Report

In this report you can see a list of all students enrolled in the course, along with the

  • Students city of residence
  • Registration date
  • Enrollment status
  • Payment Status
  • The coupon code used (if any)
  • Their course completion date
  • The mark each student received
  • If a certificate was issued
  • Regenerate the certificate
  • Pass or fail status

Administrators can mark a payment as received by clicking on the Xand confirming that the student has paid. This will get give this student access to the course.

A students results can be reset to give them access to the course and to re-sit the exam by selecting the reset iconReset



Please note: Braintree is the only payment option for the course module, and must be set up and linked to your course module in order to accept payments. You can still use your current payment gateway for other modules (ie - membership, events etc)