Editing Member Since or Expiry Date

How you can manually edit the member since or expiry date.

Manually Changing a Member's Expiry Date

  • To change a Members Expiry Date you need to find the member in the Current or Expired members tab.
  • You will see an edit icon located to the right of the Membership Expiry date.

rtaImage (82)

  • To manually change the date click on the icon next to the relevant member and change the date. Note: All changes to expiry date will appear as an entry in the members notes.

Manually Changing Member Since Date

This is the exact same process as changing the member's expiry date except click the edit button next to the Member Since date and update it accordingly.  Any changes will be recorded in the notes section.

The Member Since date is the original date the member joined your club.  This may not be the same as the Member Start Date.   The Member Start Date is the date the member joined the respective membership level.  Since a member can join multiple levels they may have different start dates for each level but their Member Since Date remains the same.

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