Exporting Your Member Data

How you can filter your member data and export as a CSV or as a PDF so you can mail-out to your members.

You can export any search results into a CSV file that you an open in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets or other similar programs. For more information on searching and filtering your members see Member Searches.

After you have completed your advanced search there are 4 export options.  Click EXPORT MEMBERS to view the options.

Screen Shot 2021-05-18 at 4.15.47 pm

  • Export to CSV: Using this export option will export all member demographic information only (not related to their membership form) into a csv file.
  • Export form data to CSV: Exports all the information that the member has included in their membership form, into a CSV.
  • Mailing address PDF: This will create a PDF of all the members names and mailing addresses, that are included in the search results.
  • Mailing address with member cards PDF: This will create a PDF of all the members names, mailing addresses and member cards, that are included in the search results.
  • Member Cards with only PDF: This will generate an A4 page PDF with members cards displayed in a label type format so they can be printed.

In the Export to CSV we include the generated card number that can be used for barcodes.

The card number has the following format:

  • Based on EAN 13 Barcode format.
  • 13 numbers.
  • First 5 numbers are an identifier for the club (zero padded to the left).
  • Next 7 will be the membership number (zero padded to the left).
  • 13th digit will be a check digit.

Warning: Be careful when opening CSV files with Microsoft Excel. Excel may remove leading zeros from fields like phone numbers and card numbers. You can import the file correctly into Excel using the Import function and marking those columns as Text. Alternatively you can use a simple text editor program to examine the data (eg NotePad or TextEdit).