View and edit a Member's Details

How you can view a member's details, edit a member's form data or demographic details, send a password reset email or download/regenerate a member's membership card.

View a Member's Details

From the membership module select the member from the list or run a search for a specific member.  Next select the rtaImage - 2020-08-25T160736.420 menu and select "View Member Details".

rtaImage - 2020-08-25T160751.386
This will display a member's details along with any membership products.

rtaImage - 2020-08-25T160813.251
From this screen you can send the member a password reset or view the details of purchased membership products, events, store purchases, emails, and general notes.

You can also toggle their COVID-19 vaccination status to confirm their vaccination proof has been sighted by a membership officer.

Edit Membership Form Data

From the membership screen run a search for the member you want to edit.  Next select the rtaImage - 2020-08-25T160736.420 menu then select "View Membership Data".

rtaImage - 2020-08-25T160751.386

This will show the details collected from signup or renewal.

rtaImage - 2020-08-25T160932.561

Select EDIT to enter the screen where the details can be modified.

rtaImage - 2020-08-25T161003.315

Select SAVE once you're done making changes.

View All Form Submissions

To view all form submissions for a member click View Form Submissions from the menu.

rtaImage - 2020-08-25T160751.386

You will then be presented with a list of all submissions and a details button to view the data.

rtaImage - 2020-08-25T161040.235

View Orders

Member orders made via store, events or membership can be viewed by clicking View Orders.

rtaImage - 2020-08-25T160751.386

You can then view any order details and download a PDF invoice.

rtaImage - 2020-08-25T161113.865

Send Password Reset Email

From the membership dashboard, search for a member as shown above and select View Member Details.

rtaImage - 2020-08-25T160751.386

Then select the link rtaImage - 2020-08-25T161145.675

Download or Regenerate a Membership Card

From the Membership dashboard, search for a member as shown above and select View Membership Data.

rtaImage - 2020-08-25T160751.386

You will then see the option to Download Member Card or Regenerate Card.

rtaImage - 2020-08-25T161222.138

Download Member Card: select this option to download an image of the membership card.

Regenerate Card: select this option to recreate and download the membership card.  This option is used of a change has been made to the design of the membership card or an issue with how the card looks.