Renewing Members

How you can manually renew a member as an administrator

To manually renew members, they will need to be already expired or inside your specified number of “Leeway Days” (for more information see Membership Level Setup). So that their membership is close enough to expiry that you will allow them to renew.  

  • To renew a member, you will need to be logged in and have editor access of the membership system.
  • Click on “Members” in the left navigation
  • Change the top drop down menu from Pending Members, to either Current or Expired Members tab, depending if your member is due to expire or has already expired. Then find your member in the list.

  • Once you have found the relevant member, click on the  beside their name. 
  • Click Renew Member and a pop up to confirm the members details, will appear. Once you have checked this is correct, and any terms and conditions are agreed, click Save.
  • Enter the payment details in to the Payment Gateway pop up, and select Next

•   If the Membership requires approval, a pop up will appear that will ask if you would like to approve the member immediately. Select approve, and the Member Renewal will be successfully completed.

Note: renewals normally add the renewal period to the expiry date of a member, however, if a member expired more than 12 months ago, renewing their membership will apply the renewal period from the date of renewal.  This ensures multiple renewals are not required to make the member current.