Membership Setup Guide

Here are all of the steps and articles you need to read to set up your Member Jungle system to start taking online membership sign up and automate your renewals.

1. Setup Your Membership Levels

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2. Adding Your Members

3. Start Automation and Tell Your Members

Once you are ready and your site is complete, you can tell your members they can use the system and complete the few final steps of membership setup. See info on domain names.

  • Turn on the Renewal Reminder Notices. 
    NOTE: as soon as this setting is turned on members will start receiving reminder emails triggered by their expiry date so be careful turning it on until you are ready to go! 
  • Make sure your membership level leeway days match the number of days early your reminders go out - see more.
  • Email and tell your members - use the "Welcome Email Template" as a base to tell your members how they can login
  • Get your members using the app  - email members the "Download the Member Jungle app" template