FAQ: Membership Renewal Reminder Sent, but members unable to renew

The reasons why members may not be able to renew, even though they have been sent a membership renewal reminder.


My membership renewal reminders have been sent out to members, but they are unable to renew on the Member Jungle website. What could be the problem?


The most common issue with this, is in the membership settings, not matching the membership details.

To check if this is the issue, you will need to ensure leeway days and reminders are set to same amount, otherwise the members will get the reminder and not be able to renew.

To check the leeway days;

  • Go to membership.
  • Click membership levels.
  • Click the edit icon. 
  • Check the number of leeway days in the relevant field.

Now you must check the email reminder settings;

  • Go to membership.
  • Click settings> Global settings.
  • Check the greatest number of days prior to expiration that emails are sent. The leeway days should be no less than the first email reminder. If this is not the case, the leeway days will need to be increased, or the email days decreased.