Membership Level Setup

How to set up your membership levels, including what are the settings - including fixed and rolling date options and leeway dates. Steps to add, edit, and delete a membership level.

What is a Membership Level?

A membership level is the general setup and settings for your memberships. You can also have multiple membership levels within your Member Jungle system.  

For each different membership level you have the ability to;

  • give members different roles which means via the Security Module, you can
    • allocate them different permissions
    • as well as give them different page access
    • different percentage discounts in the Store and Events Module
    • different access to document categories in the Document Library Module
    • limit access to particular discussions in the Discussion Forum Module
    • create completely different membership sign-up forms with different fields
  • members are stored in different member databases, so can be easily exported or communicated with separately
  • membership levels have their own automated membership emails (renewal reminders, welcome messages etc)

Managing Your Membership Levels

To edit a membership level you need to login to your website and are required to have Editor Access of the Membership System.

  • Click on Membership in the top navigation bar
  • On the far left in the navigation click on “Membership Levels” and select “List Levels”
  • You will see a list of all of your current membership levels, from within this area you can
    • View all members 
    • Edit the setup of membership levels 
    • Add, edit and inactivate membership products and prices 
    • Add, edit, hide and delete the fields in your membership form 
    • Change the automated emails that are sent out for this membership level 
    • Activate & deactivate membership levels
    • Delete membership levels (this is only available if the level has no members)
    • Arrange your membership levels based on your preference. Utilise this icon   to drag them up or down.

Membership Level Settings

Add a Membership Level

Under Membership Levels select Add Level

Enter the appropriate details for the new level.  Settings are explained below.  

You can access the help document that will guide you on how you can configure your membership level. Just click the hyperlink on the upper right side of your screen.

  • Membership Level: Here you can change the name of the level
  • Description: Write a description (which is for internal use only)
  • Leeway Days: Leeway days are the number of days a member is allowed to renew their membership before it expires. It also means that if a new member signs up within this time that they are given the next periods membership. eg. If I have 12 month memberships and my leeway days are 30 with my memberships all expiring on the 1st of January, any new members that sign up in December will be given 13 months memberships, as they are within the 30 days. The app will also display a 'renewal' notice once a member is within this leeway period.
  • Membership Period Type: You can choose between Fixed Membership types i.e. regardless of when a member signs up all memberships expire on a fixed date or rolling memberships i.e. a 12 month membership expires exactly a year after me signing up.
    • Fixed date membership allows for products spanning 1 to 5 years, and perpetual.
    • Rolling date membership allows for monthly, quarterly, biannual, multiple years and perpetual.
    • Auto-renewing subscription products require a rolling date membership level. 
  • Fixed Date: If you select Fixed above you will be asked to enter the fixed date that your memberships expire. If you click on the input box it will bring up a calendar to allow you to choose the required date.
  • Auto Approve Signups: Tick this option to auto-approve successful credit card payments for new signups.
  • Auto Approve Renewals: Tick this option to auto-approve successful credit card payments for renewals.  Note: This setting does not apply to auto-renewing subscription products since they will auto-renew upon successful payment.
  • Allow Group Memberships: If this membership level should allow group memberships, select yes. This will allow a primary member to add secondary members to the membership. More details here: Setting Up Group Membership. This feature is not available to all subscriptions. Please raise a support ticket to see if this is included in your subscription. 
  • Allow Secondary Members to Login: If your membership level allows group memberships, you can select if the secondary members will be allowed login access. This will give them their own membership card and access to the mobile app. More details here: Setting Up Group Membership. This feature is not available to all subscriptions. Please raise a support ticket to see if this is included in your subscription. 
  • Enable Membership Certificates:  You can automatically generate a membership certificate for your members that they can download and access themselves at any time. This feature is not available to all subscriptions. More details here: Membership Certificates
  • Restricted Access Role: If your members that own this membership level should be given a specific role, select the relevant role from this drop down list. If no role should be applied, leave empty.
  • Transfer Levels: (This field will only be available when editing a membership level) If you wish to allow Membership administrators to transfer members between different levels you need to nominate which levels they can be transferred to. Select the level that you can transfer this level "to" from the dropdown list and click the + button on the right. The membership level you are transferring to must have at least one "Signup Only" or "Standard" product. 

Delete a Membership Level

A membership level can only be deleted if no members have purchased a product under it.  If there have been no members under the membership level simply click the delete icon and confirm OK to delete the level.  If the delete icon is unavailable it means members have previously held products under the level.

Membership Level Alert

If you see an alert icon next to your membership level it means you may be missing some important configuration steps for that level.  Hover over the icon for more details:
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You can then take action against these missing configuration options to ensure the level is set up correctly.

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