Membership General Settings

Information on the General Settings area for Membership, including setting renewal reminder dates (formerly Global Settings)


  • General settings are the settings which are used to send notifications and reminders to your members. 
  • This page is used to edit or add renewal notification dates.
  • To set your General Settings, click Membership from the top menu bar, and select Settings, then General Settings from the left side menu. 

  • Complete the form;
    • Membership Coordinator Email: You will need an email address on your own domain.  Don't use a public email address like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail etc.  This email address will be used as the 'from' address for some system generated emails.  Please ensure your domain has a valid SPF record which allows our SMTP servers (our include should form part of your SPF record:  If you're unsure about this, please contact our support team.
    • Excluded Email Address: The email addresses entered in this field will be excluded from any notification emails sent by the system
    • App Search Roles: Here you can add a role to make it possible for admin to carry out a member search in the mobile app. Please note that administrators and membership coordinators should be the only roles given this permission, due to members not having an opt out option at this stage
    • Expiry/Renewal Reminders: Here you can add and delete reminders to Members that their Membership requires renewing
    • Current Membership Number: The current Membership Number. You can start your Membership numbers from whatever number you prefer- This will need to be set prior to the first member joining
    • Show Company in Members List: The purpose of this setting is to provide clubs with the option to view the company names of their members on their dashboards. By enabling this setting, clubs can conveniently access and display the company names associated with each member directly on their dashboard, providing them with valuable information about their members' professional affiliations.

      Note that this setting does not create a 'Company Name' field in the membership forms, it means that the feature does not provide a designated field for members to input their company names during the registration process. You need to create a 'Company Name' field on your Membership forms if required
    • Xero Account Code:  You can enter your Xero income account code under Organization Setting > Payment and Gateway Setup. More details on Site and Organisation Settings
    • Organisation Type: This field gets used in Site Details, Club Info on the App and Membership Report widgets
    • Datasets Tab Name: This allows you to provide a custom name or label for the datasets tab in Mysite/Dashboard


  • As your Members approach renewal time, you can set automatic reminders to be emailed to them to ensure that they remain financial Members with you. 
  • You can set the amount of days before, or after Membership expiry that you would like reminders to be sent.
  • To add a Renewal Reminder, click in the blank field under the "Add Reminder" section, and enter the number of days. 
  • Select from the drop down list if you would like the reminder to be sent before or after the expiry date.
  • Click the + when you have completed the fields to add the reminder to the list.
  • IMPORTANT: You must click save on the bottom of the screen to save all changes to renewal reminders or they will be lost when you exit the screen.


  • If you wish to delete a Renewal Reminder, click on the trash can next to the reminder
  • IMPORTANT: You must click save on the bottom of the screen to save all changes to renewal reminders or they will be lost when you exit the screen