Payment Reports & Export to Accounting Software

How you can access a report that shows all payments that have been made via the membership, events, or site payments report and import the payments into your accounting software.

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Importing Payments Into Accounting Software




To access Member Reports, you must be logged in with the correct Membership privileges and click on the Membership button in the top navigation and click on “Reports” in the left navigation.

The payment report shows you all transactions that have been processed within a chosen number of days. 

  • Click on Reports and select “Payment Report”

  • Choose a Membership Level and Membership Product from the Dropdown lists at the top of the screen

  • Enter the dates you would like to see transactions from and to

  • Click on “Search” to see your results.2010108

  • You can choose to export your report to CSV or Xero by clicking the relevant buttons. If you use Xero and can't see the "Export to Xero" button you need to add a Xero Code in the Membership General Settings area - Membership General Settings

Your payment report will look similar to the below example;




  • To access the Event Payments Report, from the events module, click on the 'Payments Report' link in the left nav.
  • User the drop down to select the Event that you wish to report on
  • It will provide a breakdown of all particulars pertaining to that event
  • You will also have an option to 'Export to CSV' or 'Export to Xero' via the button at the top of the event details.
  • In order to import into your accounting software, select "Export to Xero" to product a compatible report.
  • Reports are available for last 90 days.  For older event payments please view the Site Payments Report.

rtaImage (93)

For more information on Event Payment Report, see this article



To view the Product Catalogue Payment Report, select Reports, then Payment Reports from the left navigation in the Product Catalogue module. 

You can use the filters to create the report you require

Screenshot - 2022-09-06T084054.076

To create a CSV that is compatible to import into your accounting software, select the 'Export To Xero' button.

For more on the Product Catalogue Payment Report, see this article


To view the Site Payments Report, hover over your name in the top right corner of the admin page and click Site Payments.

Untitled design (69)

You will now see the Site Payments Report page.

Enter the date range you wish to view the payments from, and to, or click on one of the buttons below to view the selected period.

The report details;

Date: The date the payment took place.  Hover over this to see the order date.
Name: The Users name.
Items: The product(s) that the User has purchased.
Revenue Collected: The total monetary value of the transaction.
Platform Fee: The fee incurred for this transaction.
Net Amount: The total transaction value, less the fees incurred.
Module: The Module that the product(s) were sold through on your Website.
Settlement: The settlement number supplied by Member Jungle for the batch payment.
Payment Type: Payment type used, e.g. Cash, Payment Gateway, etc.
To view your batch settlement to reconcile your payments with your remittance advice from Member Jungle, select the settlement ID number from the drop down list and click Filter.
rtaImage (13)-1-1

To export your results to Xero, click on EXPORT TO XERO button.  If the button doesn't appear you haven't entered your account code in Membership General Settings. This should be the income account in your accounting software that you wish to allocate the payment to.

Please note that the "Export To Xero" button will produce a csv report that is suitable to import the payments into most accounting software. Some headings may need editing depending on the settings in your accounting software.

For further information on the Site Payments Report, see this article




To import your invoices in to Xero (example shown below) or other accounting software, you will first need to produce a Site Payment Report & Export to Xero.

You will also need to have an account code set up in Membership Global Settings, and or the External/Xero Accounting Code in your Organisation Settings This should be the income account in Xero that you wish to allocate the payment to.

See below video for further steps: