Product Catalogue Module

Make products for purchase and donations available during membership renewals and events.

ForPlease note: the Catalogue module is only available on the Standard plan and up.  On lower plans the Catalogue module is available for selling additional products during membership signup or renewal.  To upgrade your plan, please contact us.

This Article Covers the Following Sections

Creating a Product Catalogue Page

This is only required for customers on the Standard package or higher who wish to sell products on a dedicated page.

To get started, add a new page and set the Module Name to Product Catalogue.

Click Save & Close.

Next, activate the page by clicking the red square to turn it green.

Accessing the Product Catalogue Module

Once logged in as a Site Administrator go to the MODULES list and select Product Catalogue.

You will then be met with the Product Catalogue overview dashboard.
rtaImage (1)-Oct-13-2020-12-45-20-98-AM

Product Catalogue is configurable by adding widgets on the overview dashboard. Click , there are that are available the 'Sales Trends' and 'Top Customers'.

This is what 'Sales Trends' looks like. 

The 'Top Customer' widgets will give you a data of who are the top buyers for a certain period of time.

You can configure the data by clicking the gear icon .

Add Product to Catalogue

To get started adding a product, go to PRODUCTS in the left navigation.
rtaImage (2)-Oct-13-2020-12-46-23-05-AM


rtaImage (3)-Oct-13-2020-12-46-53-77-AM
​​In the pop-up window enter the product details, price, and delivery options.  Size, colour, and free text options can also be added but are not required.

Important: For the Main Product Image it is best to use an image that is 1:1 ratio at least 400x400px and no larger than 10MB.  If your image doesn't match these dimensions you will likely need to use image editing software and adjust the image canvas size to suit.  This will ensure all images are displayed correctly.

rtaImage (4)-Oct-13-2020-12-47-09-36-AM
Next you need to set the Special Tax Rate, Delivery Methods, and Custom Deliver Price. The Special Tax Rate and Custom Delivery Price are optional configuration settings.

Special Tax Rate: Enter your tax rate in this field if it is different to the default tax rate.

Delivery Methods: Choose from the available options in the dropdown list.

Custom Delivery Price: This option applies independently of the default shipping rates set in Delivery Rates (details below). The custom delivery price is applied to this product only. Default shipping costs may also apply if additional non-custom delivery products are added to the cart as part of a larger purchase.

Items with a custom delivery price will appear with a truck icon in the list as shown below.

Screen Shot 2023-05-10 at 4.58.24 pm

Add Size Options

To add size options click the rtaImage (2)-Oct-13-2020-12-49-02-56-AMbutton and enter each size in the field.  Click the plus button to save each size.
rtaImage (3)-Oct-13-2020-12-49-18-06-AM
Size options can be reordered using the rtaImage (4)-Oct-13-2020-12-49-36-08-AM buttons and enabled or disabled by ticking or unticking the checkbox rtaImage (5)-Oct-13-2020-12-49-51-21-AM.   To delete a size option click the trash button rtaImage (6)-Oct-13-2020-12-50-04-60-AM.

Add Colour Options

To add colour options click rtaImage (7)-Oct-13-2020-12-50-22-08-AM.

Managing colour options is exactly the same as managing size options so please see the above documentation for details.
rtaImage (8)-Oct-13-2020-12-50-37-47-AM

Add Free Text Label

Free text label can be any text you wish to ask, e.g. if you're selling name patches you could ask "Enter name for patch", and make the field required.  The user will then be required to supply the information during purchase.
rtaImage (5)-Oct-13-2020-12-50-53-34-AM

When all options are done, click SAVE. 

Activate/Deactivate Products

To activate a product click rtaImage (9)-Oct-13-2020-12-51-19-20-AM

To deactivate a product click rtaImage (10)-4

Managing Product Catalogue Product Availability

By default, products are available in the product catalogue.  Products can also be made available in other modules.  Here's a few examples of what the product availability icons mean:
rtaImage (6)-Oct-13-2020-12-51-45-98-AM

  1. Awesome product: isn't available in the product catalogue or any other modules.  You can tell this by both availability icons being greyed out.
  2. Even more awesome product: is only available in the product catalogue page not any other modules.  You can tell this by the solid green ticket icon and greyed out modules icon.
  3. Test widget: isn't available in the product catalogue but is available in other modules.  You can tell this by the greyed out ticket icon and solid green modules icon.

You can make a product available to both the product catalogue and any other listed modules as required.

Select the module you would like to add the product to from the list then click rtaImage (11)-4
rtaImage (12)-2
Now that the product is added to the module you can active it by clicking activate rtaImage (13)-2.  This will make the product available module-wide.  To make the product available to a specific area within the module see the following sections.

You can also edit the product details, view orders or delete the product from the module (product will still be available in Product Catalogue Module).
rtaImage (14)-2

Linking Products To Specific Membership Levels

When a product is linked to the membership module and activated it is available across all membership levels.  You also have the option to leave a linked product available module-wide or only make it available to specific membership levels.

The following steps apply to managing membership levels.  For more details about managing membership levels please see Membership Level Setup.

From the Membership Level admin you will see Membership Wide Additional Products.  These are the products linked to membership available module-wide.
rtaImage (7)-Oct-13-2020-12-53-03-79-AM
To link a product to a specific membership level, view the products for that level.
rtaImage (15)-2
You will then see the option to link additional products.  Click LINK PRODUCT.
rtaImage (16)-2
Select from the available products and click LINK rtaImage (17)-1
rtaImage (18)-1
Once a product is linked to a membership level you will need to activate it to make it available.

rtaImage (19)-1
Once activated the product will be available to purchase via that specific membership level.

Auto Adding Products to a Membership Linked Sale

Often there are situations where members have to also pay a something with their membership i.e. a posted magazine, a state or national membership fee. You can include products that are linked to membership to be 

  1. Automatically Added to the cart (but able to be removed)
  2. Required in the Cart (with no ability to be removed)

To do this, once you have linked a membership product as shown above, click on the Edit button

Screen Shot 2023-05-10 at 4.52.03 pm

Tick the relevant option and click save and make sure the link product is activated. The product will then be added to the cart when the member purchases a product from the particular membership level.

Screen Shot 2023-05-10 at 5.01.23 pm 

You will be able to see icons displayed beside the products which are required or auto added to the cart (as shown above).


Featured Products

Featured products are shown in additional display widgets that can be placed on any page.  See widgets for more information on managing page widgets.

To make a product featured, select the star icon for that product.  Click the star icon for all products you wish to be shown in a featured product display widget.

rtaImage (8)-Oct-13-2020-12-54-25-90-AM

A solid green star mean the product is featured.  The hollow star means the product is not featured.


To view existing categories or create new categories, click CATEGORIES in the left navigation.
rtaImage (9)-Oct-13-2020-12-54-39-69-AM

You will see existing categories listed with the option to create new categories via ADD CATEGORY.

rtaImage (10)-Oct-13-2020-12-54-52-38-AM

Click ADD CATEGORY to add a new category.  Enter the category name, select allowed roles/member tags if you wish to restrict this category to particular roles or members, and then click "Add Category" to save.

The new category is inactive by default. To activate the category, toggle the "ACTIVATE" button until it turns green. Red indicates the category is inactive.

View Orders

Clicking ORDERS in the left navigation or the orders button rtaImage (20)-1 in the membership products page will take you to the ORDERS admin.

rtaImage (12)-Oct-13-2020-12-55-36-72-AM

Use the report filters to search for a specific module, product, status, and or a customer.  You can also export the results to a CSV.

The list of orders can be viewed under the orders report filters.  Here you can VIEW an order invoice by clicking on the order number or the VIEW button. 

When cash and deposit manual payment options are enabled, members who utilised these payment methods for their orders will be highlighted as "pending" under the payment column and will see a red hourglass indicator. .

To confirm the payment just click the amount and hit 'confirm payment'

To add a shipping tracking code click SHIPPING and enter the code.

rtaImage (13)-Oct-13-2020-12-56-08-16-AM

To view an invoice click on the ORDER No.  While viewing and invoice a PDF copy can be downloaded by clicking rtaImage (22)-1

Resend Emails

You have the option to resend the invoice for non-cancelled orders and the tracking details for shipped orders.

View Reports

Reports can be viewed by clicking REPORTS in the left navigation and selecting the report you wish to view.
rtaImage (14)-Oct-13-2020-12-56-31-72-AM

Product Report

The product report lists summaries of products sold.  Reports can be filtered by order dates and or individual products.

rtaImage (23)
To view individual orders for the product click VIEW ORDERS.  To view product options click OPTIONS.

rtaImage (24)-1

Stock Report

The stock report gives you a list of remaining stock on hand if you choose to maintain stock levels.
rtaImage (15)-Oct-13-2020-12-57-10-50-AM

Payments Report

The Payments Report shows a breakdown of items and revenue collected for each purchase.  


Reports can be filtered by a date range and exported to CSV.

EXPORT PAYMENT TO CSV: This will export full details of the payments report

EXPORT ITEMS TO CSV: This will export a list per line items to CSV

EXPORT AS XERO INVOICES CSV: To create a CSV that is compatible to import into your accounting software


To view the module settings click SETTINGS in the left navigation.

Global Settings

Here you can add an email address to receive order notifications, enable international delivery, and add an invoice note to be shown on invoices.

Payment Settings

This section is used to configure your available payment methods. Credit card is generally enabled by default, however, other manual payment methods like cash and direct deposit can be enabled.


Members who used manual payment methods for their orders, such as cash and direct deposit, will be marked with a "pending payment" status on the "Order Dashboard" until admins mark them as paid.

For more details on how to configure this feature, please visit Payment Settings

Delivery Rates

Delivery rates are how you can enable default shipping rates for varied price ranges.

In this example, if a total order is between $0-$50 the shipping rate applied will be $25. For $51 to $100 the shipping rate will be $15. 

To add a new shipping rate, click + ADD DELIVERY PRICE

Enter your desired price range (i.e. all orders between X and Y will be charged Z Delivery Price) and click ADD DELIVERY PRICE

Your new delivery price range will now be visible.

You can edit or delete any existing delivery rate by clicking edit or delete respectively.

Please note: there is also a custom delivery price that can be added per product which will be added to any delivery price order total. See Adding Products

Discount Coupons

This area displays any existing discount coupons. These coupons can be used by customers to receive a percentage discount or dollar value discount on a purchase. 

To create a discount coupon click rtaImage (18)-4.

Enter the coupon code.  The start and end dates are optional.  Toggle the discount amount setting for dollars $ on the left or percentage % on the right.  Enter the discount amount.
rtaImage (19)-4
Click ADD COUPON to save.

The coupon will be saved as inactive.  To activate the coupon toggle the activate button so it displays green rtaImage (20)-3.
To edit a coupon click rtaImage (21)-Oct-13-2020-12-58-42-50-AM.

To delete a coupon click rtaImage (22)-2.