Importing your Members

How you can import a bulk number of members for your initial membership setup.

How to Import Your Members

You can add one or a large number of members into your membership system by using the membership import. 

To find this, click on the Membership tap in the top navigation, and then select Members Import in the left side navigation.

The page gives some instructions to assist you with your import. You will need to refer back to this information in order to ensure your import is successful. 

Click on and open the downloaded file.

The file will contain several headings. These are the possible import fields for your members. 

  • Most of the fields are optional to complete prior to import, but there are some mandatory fields;
    • first_name
    • last_name
    • email (if your members don't have an email address see the section below)
  • The fields that you do not complete will remain empty in the membership data for those members. Your members however can log in and update their details and complete the empty fields. 
  • It is possible that your data file has an extra field (and is missing the external_member_id), this is an optional addition to the import data, and is available on request. Only one extra field per membership system is available for import.
  • You will need to complete a separate csv file for members of different membership levels, and import these separately.
  • You must complete the membership_product field with the exact name and spelling of the membership product you wish to import your members in to, otherwise the member will be added to the default membership product that is selected on import.
  • See the instructions on the import page, for how to format your data, for example;
    • Date - YYYY-MM-DD
    • Gender - M or F
    • Country - AU (Australia) or NZ (New Zealand) etc
    • State - Shortened Codes (NSW, QLD, SA) etc


  • Once you have completed your import data, save it as a CSV file
  • Select the membership level, and the default membership product from the drop down lists
  • Insert a default date into the membership expiry date field. This will be used if your membership data does not contain expiry dates. If you are importing perpetual members, then you can leave this blank. 
  • If the file contains existing members, select if you would like their details to be updated with the data in the import file, by selecting Yes, in the checkbox.  Note: existing member passwords cannot be updated via import.  Passwords can only be imported for new members.
  • If your file has fields that are empty for some or all of the members, select if you would like the system to ignore these fields, or import them as blank fields.
  • Click Choose File to select your import file.rtaImage (1)
  • Click Next to import your members.
  • If your data is formatted correctly, and there is no issues, you will be taken to a screen where you can confirm that the member import is correct.
  • You can hover your mouse over the  to see the members data, and ensure that the details are correct prior to importing.

  • If all of the details are correct and ready for import, then click on the Import button. 
  • If you require changes, then click back, and edit your data file to import again.
  • Upon clicking import, you will see a status bar as your members are imported. When the import is 100% complete, you can acknowledge the import, and your members will now appear in your members list.

What if My Data Contains Errors

If your data contains errors which makes it unable to import, the system will advise you of what the issue is in the next step. You will be advised which member, what line of the data file, and what the issue is, for rectification, prior to you re-saving and re-uploading your data file.


What if some of my Members Don't have an Email Address?

You cannot run a member import without an email address and adding a bogus address will cause issues with spam.  We do understand that in some cases, members will not have an email address so here's a workaround that we support.

You will need to use a legitimate and easily identifiable email address like "" where "" is your domain name, e.g.

Firstly, populate the import spreadsheet with your "noemail" address for members who require it.  Use the same address for all members who don't have an email address.  You can then run through the rest of the import steps above.

Once the import is done, you need to exclude the "noemail" address from system communication.  This will stop any emails being sent from the system.  You can set this exclude this address in Global Settings under SETTINGS.


Just enter the email address in the Add Excluded Email Address area and click the rtaImage (1) icon.

rtaImage (2)

You should now see your address in the list of excluded emails.

rtaImage (3)

Scroll down and click rtaImage (4) to save the settings.

How Can I Import More Information on My Members

The member import will recognise only the fields shown on the import page. If you have additional custom information that you need to import into the system for your members, you can contact us for a quote to carry out a custom import for you.

You will need to have added all of the custom fields into the membership form, so that the custom import can populate this data. 

You will also need to provide an import spreadsheet per level, which includes one line per member and a column for each field that requires importing.

Watch our Tutorial Video, on Importing Your Members