Auto-Remove Member's Expired Products

Remove member's expired products after they have been expired for a set period.

This configuration option is set on the membership product and will remove any member's product that have expired more than "X" days ago, where "X" is the number of days.  The member's account will remain unchanged so that the member can purchase the same product again or a different product within that membership level.  Membership start date is also unaffected.

Administrators will be notified three days before a member's product is automatically removed.  This includes recently imported members.  Newly created members will not be removed for six days after import (admin notified after three days then member's product removed after three further days).

If removal of the member's expired product isn't enough, you can archive or permanently delete the member.

Enable Auto-Removal of Member's Expired Products

Either edit or create a new membership product and you will see an option for Auto Removal Days.  Just enter the number of days here to enable the feature.

Optionally, if you wish to notify your members of pending product removal you can enter content in the auto-removal email.  This email is empty by default so no notification is sent.  To enter content just follow the link in the product to take you to the membership email content area.

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Configure Automated Email for Notifying Members of Expired Product Auto-Removal

See article Managing Automated Membership Emails for more information or click the link next to the auto-removal days.

Members will be automatically notified of product auto-removal via email.  If you are setting this option on an existing membership product or importing members who quality for auto removal (they are past the relevant expiry date) and don't want to notify the existing expired members before the first removal, please ensure the automated email template for AUTO REMOVAL is empty before configuring the Auto Removal Days.  After 24hrs the first auto-removal should have completed and you can configure this email template for any new expired members.

Examples of How Auto-Removal Products are Typically Used

There are normally a few reasons that membership organisations use auto removal days

  • Some organisations have a different Joining Price for new members than the Renewal Price and members must renew their membership within a certain timeframe to qualify as a renewing member (i.e. within 60 days of their membership expiring). By adding renewal days of 60 days the member will automatically be removed as a member and have to sign back up as a new member and pay the joining fee. All of the data, their member number and their account will remain the same.
  • Another example of how organisations use Auto Removal products is when they must supply a list of current members to an external body at a certain date and no members can renew after that point. The auto removal allows them to comply with legislation requirements and all members who return after that point will be recorded as new members (not renewals)
  • One of the main reasons that membership organisations use auto removal is so that members can leave for a period of time and return and only have to pay for the current years membership. For example if I was a member in 2018 and then didn't renew in 2019 and 2020. If I tried to "RENEW" in 2021 for an annual membership it would only move my expiry date for 12 months i.e. from 1/1/2018 - to the 1/1/2019, which means I would have to pay for all the years I was not a member.