Member Only Benefits

The member only benefits when using Member Jungle. How to set up Members only areas, use the members only Mobile App, Apply members discounts on events and store products, secure members only documents, and create a members directory.

There are many benefits of being a member of a Member Jungle system. Here you will learn how you can make the most of these, by setting up your Member Jungle website so that your members get the most out of it.

Members Only Areas

You have the ability to lock your pages down to be viewed only when members are logged in. This disables the general public from being able to view the page, and creates a secure area for your organisation to convey information to members only.
To learn how to create members only pages, see Pages User Roles

Members Only Mobile App

The mobile app is an exciting, and useful feature of Member Jungle. The app shows the your Latest News, Events and Document Library, and has the ability to send push notifications through to your members.
To see more information about the Mobile App, see Using the Member Jungle App - As an Administrator and Using the Member Jungle App - As a Member

Members Discounts on Event Tickets, and Store Products

As an administrator, you can create role-based discounts in the Event ticketing, and also in the store on selected products. This gives the ability to give a percentage discount when a member is logged in.
To learn how to create a discount on event ticketing, see Event Ticketing
To learn how to give your members store discounts, see Store Specials and Discounts

Category Secured Documents

Using the document library, you can create role restrictions on document categories. This will enable only users logged in as the specified roles to view these categories and the documents they contain.
To create role restricted document categories, see Document Library Module

Members can view and update their own details

When a member logs in to the Member Jungle website, they are able to view their account information, their membership information and invoice, and also see history of any events or store purchases. If you have the directory listing, they can also see their listing all in their "members area".

Members have the ability to update this information to keep your database up to date.
To see how, view What a Member sees when they Login

Members digital membership card via the Mobile App

Using the Mobile App, your members will have access to their membership details and digital membership card at their finger tips! Here they can view their current status, their membership number, and a QR code that can be used to your organisations desire. All of this is available via the Member Jungle App