Selling Event Tickets

How to set up and sell tickets to an event using the Events Module.

  1. To take online payment for events you will need to create an event as shown in the Add or edit an event using the Events Module article, and under Registration "Allow Online Registration" marked as Yes
  2. Have an online payment gateway setup on your site
  3. As mentioned above there are 3 levels of the events module which control your access so if you still can't see the ticketing tab, please contact our support team.
  • Click on edit button located to the right of the event you wish to sell tickets for 
  • Then click on the ticketing tab
  • Select “Yes” to Accept Online Payments, you will then be able to see a new screen to "Add Tickets" and "Products" for sale

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  • You can now create a range of tickets with different prices and also different % discounts for your various members or website roles. Plus also sell additional products i.e. a promotional shirt or a hamper for your event at the same time.
  • You can also set a minimum and maximum number of tickets per member for event and products.

Add Ticket

To add a ticket click "ADD TICKET".rtaImage (16)-1

  • Ticket Name - name given to the ticket 
  • Description - that will be visible to your website visitors
  • Price:  Enter the price that each ticket will sell for. Remember any additional transaction or service fees will be added on top of this price (unless you have the option set to absorb Member Jungle fees)
  • Order Limits
    • No. Available: You can choose the number of tickets that are available which will decrement as they sell and will stop selling once they are all gone. Note: If people add a ticket to their purchase and don't complete the transaction it will be held for 15 minutes before it will be made available again for sale.
    • Min Ticket: You can set a minimum amount that can be sold to a member or just leave it at 0 (if it is a product or non compulsory item)
    • Max Ticket: You can set a maximum amount that can be sold to a member
  • Discounts
    • Role: You can give your members or website users who have a particular role a percentage discount on this ticket. Select the role you wish to apply the discount to from the Role drop down box and then enter the Percentage discount they will receive. THEN click on the + button to add this discount. 
    • You can continue adding multiple discounts to different roles.
  • Ticket Fields - ticket fields are additional custom attributes you can add.  There is a limit of three per ticket.
    • Field Name: Enter the field name you would like
    • Type: Choose from Text, Dropdown, Radio Button, or Checkbox
      • Text: Ability to enter free text.
      • Dropdown: Create dropdown list for user to select.
      • Radio Button: Select a single option.
      • Checkbox: Ability to select multiple options.
  • Once you have finished click “Add” to complete the ticket creation
  • The ticket type will then appear on your screen as inactive, click the red button to activate your new ticket. Note: if the event is also active and registrations are open the tickets will be available on your website instantly. Once your ticket is active it will be displayed with a green "Active Button"  
  • Continue adding tickets until you are finished,
  • then you can also add “Products” which will be available to purchase on the next screen after a website visitor has chosen their tickets.
  • Adding products is the same process as for adding tickets. Note: products will be available for purchase after a website visitor has selected a ticket to purchase.
  • For more information on tracking event attendance and ticketing see below.

Once you have finished click on Save and Close for your event. NOTE: NO Ticket Changes will be saved unless you click on the Save and Close overall for the event. 


If you are selling tickets to an event, it is mandatory that you select your refund policy. 
You have the option of allowing refunds up to 1, 7 or 30 days prior to the event start date, or you can opt to not give refunds at all. 
Please note that this selection cannot be changed once a member has purchased a ticket to your event.
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You can create custom registration forms for your event in the Forms tab. See Creating custom ticketed event forms  for further information.