User Roles

User Roles and Restricting Page Access.

You can make your pages accessible to a controlled or selected audience by editing the User Roles (User Groups) on the page. This might be used in cases such as "Members Only" areas, or "Staff Areas".

Every membership level has it own User Role created automatically so you can delete public access and add the required Membership Role. That means that only when a user logs into your website and has the correct role (or is part of the correct group) will they be able to see the page.

Pages with Public Access

By default a page has public access.  Once a page has the public role removed it will display a user role icon to show it is a role restricted page rtaImage (1)-3.

Changing Page User Roles 

  • From the Page Management menu, select the Security icon rtaImage (2)-3 next to the relevant page.
  • All pages are set to Public, by default.  This means that any viewer on your Website can see the page.
  • To restrict access to the page to a controlled audience, you must first delete the Role "Public", by clicking the rubbish bin button rtaImage (3)-3 in the Roles menu.

  • Select the roles you wish to have access to the page from the drop down menu, under "Add roles to this page". Click Continue to add the role to the list.

  • You can add one, or several User Roles to the page, as desired.
  • Every membership level automatically has it's own role created. So to grant Member only access, select the relevant Member Level. You can also create different User Roles in the Security Area - see Creating Roles and Permissions for users.
  • To change permissions on the User Roles, or to create a new User Role, see Creating Roles and Permissions for users.