Provisional Memberships

Some clubs require new members to go through a provisional stage where certain requirements must be met before gaining full membership. Please note: this help article is provided as a system workaround only.


You will need to be signed in as a Site Administrator to implement this process.  This documentation assumes you already have a full membership level and product configured.  You may already have implemented some of these steps or membership levels if your site is live.  Please skip any steps already completed to integrate this process into a live site.

Create Provisional Membership Level

From the membership admin area add a new membership level.  For more details see the page Membership Level Setup.

rtaImage (9)-3
Call the level Provisional Membership (or something else suitable).  Set the remaining options as appropriate.
rtaImage (10)-2

Activate the level by clicking the square to turn it green  rtaImage (20)-3

Configure Automated Emails for Provisional Membership Level

Follow the steps in this document for configuring the automated emails: Managing Automated Membership Emails.

You will want to modify the content for the following emails:

  • Manual Approval: this is the first email the provisional member will be sent when they sign up.  Modify this content so the new member knows what requirements they must pass before being approved
  • Signup Welcome: this will be sent to the member once an admin has approved their membership once all provisional requirements have been passed.  Modify this content with instructions on how to become a full member
  • All other automated emails can be left blank so nothing is sent

Automated Email Content for Manual Approval

The following content can be used as a template for the Manual Approval message.  Copy/paste and modify this content into the automated email.  Click SAVE when done.

----- BEGIN TEMPLATE -----

Hi [[firstname]],

Thank you for applying for a provisional membership with [[sitename]].

Before we can approve your membership you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Requirement one
  2. Requirement two
  3. Requirement three

Once these requirements have been met your provisional membership will be approved and you will then have access to purchase a full membership with our club.

Kind regards

The Membership Team

----- END TEMPLATE -----

Automated Email Content for Signup Welcome

The following content can be used as a template for the Signup Welcome message.  Copy/paste and modify this content into the automated email.  Click SAVE when done.

----- BEGIN TEMPLATE -----

Congratulations [[firstname]]!

You've completed the provisional requirements for [[sitename]].


Hi [[firstname]],

Now that you've completed the provisional requirements it's time to purchase a full membership.  Here's your details to get started.

Your Username: [[username]]

Your Name: [[firstname]] [[lastname]]

To purchase a full membership visit the following link and follow the steps below [[login_link]].

  1. Login with username and password (if you've forgotten your password submit a forgot password request on the site)
  2. Go to Join Now page (you must be logged in to view the full membership)
  3. Purchase full membership

Kind regards,

The Membership Team

----- END TEMPLATE -----

Create Provisional Membership Product

You now need to create a Signup Only product to allow members to sign up.  You can either create a "$0" free product or charge an initial fee.  If you charge an initial fee members can still be held for approval but they cannot be rejected.  A free product allows the member to be rejected as no payment has been taken.

Follow the help document here: Managing Membership Products and Prices

  • Create product as Signup Only
  • Set initial fee to $0 for a free product
  • If you charge a setup fee the member can still be held for approval but cannot be rejected (raise a case for allowing hold for approval when taking payment)
  • Activate product once created

Restrict Full Membership Product

You now need to restrict the full membership product to approved provisional members.

  • Edit full membership product
  • Change Public Product from Yes to No
  • Select Allowed Role for Provisional Membership & Club Membership (Club Membership may be named different for your club.  This will make sure current full members can still renew)
  • Click SAVE to apply the changes

rtaImage (11)-2

Process for Provisional Members to Become Full Members

  1. A potential new member can now visit your website and signup as a Provisional Member
  2. You will be notified as an admin of their signup
  3. The member will be held for approval until they meet the club's provisional requirements
  4. Approve the member once they have passed the provisional requirements
  5. Member will be sent automated email with steps to purchase full membership
  6. Once member has purchased a full membership they can be "removed" from the provisional membership level