Scanning A Members Barcode On The Mobile App

You can scan a members barcode when logged into the mobile app as an administrator and produce scan reports

You can scan a members barcode when logged into the mobile app as an administrator. This will then produce a scan report which will be available the website membership admin area. If the scan is related to an event, then it will mark the member as attended.

Scanning a members barcode

To scan a members barcode, you must be logged in as membership administrator on the app.

Tap this icon scanning icon which is displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen.

The camera will open, and you can hover your phone over the barcode. 

At the bottom of this scanning screen, you can add additional scan details, such as the event name. This will be displayed in the scan report. 

Scan barcodeOnce you have successfully scanned the barcode, you will see a scan success message pop up on the screen.

Scanning success_iphonesewhite_portrait

If a member does not have a mobile number in the system, you will be prompted to add this upon scanning their member card.

Scan Reporting 

Scan ReportWhen you have scanned your members barcodes, you will be able to view a report in the members administration area. 

To find this, login to your website as membership administrator, and select reports from the left navigation. You will see the option of 

This report will detail the date and time of the scan, the members name, the additional information that you may have added at the point of scanning, and also the name of the person that scanned the member in. 

You can filter this report by dates, keywords and using the quicklinks provided. 

Like the other membership reports, the scan report can be exported to CSV.


Scan Report2

Scanning Event Attendees

You can scan your members who are registered for an event to mark off their attendance. 

To do this, select the relevant event on the mobile app. Hit the scan icon scanning icon in the bottom left of the screen to open the scanner. You can then scan the barcodes of the members.

Scan barcode

If the member is not registered for the event, or has already been scanned in, you will be notified with a pop up message. 

Members that are successfully scanned in, will be marked as attended in the event reporting. 

Event attendance

This scan will also register in the membership scan report

Roles Required For App Scanning

To be able to scan member cards on the mobile app, the user must have at least one of the following roles and permissions in the Security Tab. See Creating Roles & Permissions to learn how to set these up.

  • Event - Item Approver
  • Membership - Item Administrator
  • Full Site Administrator (this is a special permission granted via Authorised Contacts)

Dedicated Scanning App

We also offer a Dedicated Scanner which is available at an additional monthly fee. This enables the mobile app to be logged in as a scanner only and disables all other functionality of the app.

This option is excellent if you wish to leave your mobile device unattended and set up for your members to "self serve", or if it is to be operated my a non administrator. Raise a support ticket if you would like to discuss adding the dedicated scanner to your package.



**NOTE** The scan ability is not available in all of our packages. If you would like to check your package or request an upgrade to have this ability, please Raise a support ticket