Allow Access to Create & Manage Own Events

As a Site Administrator, you can assign role permissions to select users so they can create and manage their own events. This is useful in scenarios like multiple teachers/instructors with their own classes.

The Events module permission ITEM_CONTRIBUTOR allows user access to the Events module to create and manage your own events.  It does not give access to events that have been created by a Site Administrator or other users with the ITEM_CONTRIBUTOR permission.

For specific details on how to add a role and permissions see this article: Creating Roles and Permissions for Users.

  1. Add a role with a suitable name like Events Instructor and give it a description if you like.
  2. After saving the new role, activate it by clicking the red ACTIVATE button to turn it green.
  3. Click the PERMISSIONS padlock icon to view the permissions for the new role.
  4. From the MODULE PRIVILEGES dropdown list select the Events module and click ADD.
  5. Untick COORDINATOR permission and tick ITEM CONTRIBUTOR permission.
  6. Click ROLES in the left navigation to go back to the roles screen.
  7. Click the USERS icon for the newly created role.
  8. Select a user from the dropdown list and click ADD.  Repeat this for all the required users.

All done.  Those users now have access to the Events module to create and manage their own events.  To revoke this access just delete their user account from the role.