Editing Page Content & Using the Content Editor

How you can edit your page content, The content editor helps you create content for widgets, pages, emails and more.

When you are creating and/or editing the content of your page you may find many of the icons and functionality used by the Content Editor replicate those used in Microsoft. There will however be are a number of icons which you may not have seen before.  

TIP:  When copying and pasting content from another website or Word Document please make sure you use this paste element . Otherwise the formatting from your other document will insert into your page content and break the styling.

Also all images need to be manually added again via the image library and cannot be pasted in. This is due to when your other website is turned off all image links will break


Following is a brief description of each icon:

Below is a brief description of each icon within the Content Editor.

Upload Images to your Image Library for use site-wide or only on individual pages. For page images, you can edit the selected image on your computer before uploading it. For global images, please see here  Image Library

Insert a link to any page within your site (See Links and Buttons)

Upload documents to your Document Manager to make them available for to add to your page for viewers to download. (See Document Manager)

Insert YouTube videos directly on the page.  For steps on how to manually embed a YouTube video please see YouTube Videos

Toggles the display of your page content from WYSIWG to code view.

Screenshot - 2022-10-27T145025.654 Save and close

Screenshot - 2022-10-27T145120.513 View your changes in the rich text editor

Screenshot - 2022-10-27T145238.791 Print page

Screenshot - 2022-10-27T145323.566 Select from a template for your page layout
Cuts the selected content and places it into the clipboard.
Copies the selected content into the clipboard.
Pastes content from the clipboard into the editor at the selected position.
Allows you to paste content from the clipboard as plain text, into the editor at the selected position.
Allows you to remove Word Formatting and paste content from the clipboard, into the editor at the selected position.
Undoes the last operation in the editor, if you make a mistake.
Redoes the last operation in the editor.
Performs the Search and Replace function, allowing you to change specific content.

Selects all of your page content.
Removes formatting from the selected content.
Bolds the selected text.
Italicizes the selected text.
Underlines the selected text.
Creates a line through the selected text.
Changes the selected text to subscript.
Changes the selected text to superscript.
Inserts an ordered list.
Inserts an unordered list.
Decreases the indents in the selected content.
Indents the selected content.
Aligns the selected content to the left.
Centers the selected content.
Aligns the selected content to the right.
Justifies the selected content.
Opens the hyperlink window to allow a hyperlink to be created using the selected content. (See Links and Buttons )

Removes any links associated with the selected text. (See Links and Buttons )

Creates anchors within your page content. (See Using Anchors )

Allows you to produce and edit tables for formatting your page content.

Inserts a horizontal rule at the selected position in the editor.
Allows you to insert special characters

Inserts a page break in your content
Nominates the style of font to be used (this is pre-defined by your website’s graphic design)