Document Manager

Uploading documents into page content.

Uploading Documents into Page Content

You can use the Document Manager to add documents to your page content for your website visitors to download. Firstly you will need to go to the Content Editor screen for the page that you wish to edit. (See Section 9.1).

Documents supported include;

  • Adobe Acrobat .pdf
  • Microsoft Word .doc 
  • Microsoft Access .mdb 
  • Text files .txt 
  • Zip Files. .zip 
  • More
NOTE: The Document Manager will not support exe (executable) files.
  1. To upload a document to the Document Manager click on the Icon, as shown on the right.  
  2. The File Library will appear in a pop-up window as shown on the right, it will feature any documents that you already have uploaded.
  3. To upload a file from your computer click on the Upload icon. A new pop-up window will appear as shown to the right. 
  4. Use the Select File field to locate the document you wish to use on you local computer. 
  5. Give the Document a name with the Document Name field.
  6. Select the File Availability option to specify whether the document is available site wide or only on the page you are editing. 
  7. Once you have completed all of the fields click on the Upload  icon. This pop-up window will close and will return you to the File Library.
  8. You can click on the View icon  to preview the document, just as it will appear on the page. When you are satisfied with the document click on the Documents Name, it will be a blue underlined hyperlink to insert it into your page content.  
  9. You will see that your document will be appear in the page content as the Document Name and will be a hyperlink.  If you wish to change the wording place your cursor on the document name and make the required changes.