Site Design

Manage your site's logo for invoices and app logo. Update social media links. Manage membership card Custom CSS styles can also be applied site-wide.

From the Site Design area you can manage

As a site administrator you have access to change your site's main logo that will appear in invoices and the app.  You can also apply custom CCS styles site-wide.

To do this, login as administrator, and click on the Dashboard tab. 
Select the Site Design from the left side navigation.

You will see tabs to customise different areas of the site. 

Image Management

  • Site logo: this is the logo for your website. Be aware that uploading a logo of different size proportions to your current logo may display differently, and not work as well.

  • Invoice logo: this logo will appear on your invoices to your members for all monetary transactions, including membership, store, events.  If your uploaded logo is smaller than the recommended size it will be resized to the recommended size.

Social Media Links

This tab is the foundation for further development, and at this stage will not affect anything on your website. You will be notified via our release notes when these fields are made active.
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App Settings: customise your mobile app!

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  • Club Description: provide a description of your organisation or club for members to see when they are searching in the Member Jungle mobile app. 

  • App Highlight Colour: select the overlay colour that you would like to display on your app background image.

  • App Logo: is used as the logo in the round image in the Mobile App. It is best resized to 160x160 pixels, and given some white space around the logo, in order for it to display correctly.

  • App Background Image: Used as the image background for your organisations mobile app. This will display with the above chosen App Highlight Colour as an overlay, and will be on all pages of your mobile app. The image size should be 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels high.

    See example below of your organisation homepage on the mobile app with the above settings.

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Membership Card Design

A digital member card is dynamically generated for all of your members, to include their name, membership level and expiry date. Your member card design will use the App Logo and the app background colour to generate your card design. Unless you have a custom membership card (a customisation only available in Premium Package)

See example below of a digital member card with above settings


For more information on member cards see Membership Cards

Custom CSS

Here you can add style sheet codes for your website. These will override the base styles currently set up on your website.