Site Administrators & Authorised Contacts

How to add and update the administrators on your website and view/edit their permissions throughout the site

Whether you are setting up your new Member Jungle website, or you have had a change in administrators, you will need to create and update your admin access and roles.

In this article are some tips on...

Add or Edit a Site Admin & Authorised Contacts

Adding an Administrator and Applying Roles & Permissions


Add or Edit a Site Administrator and Authorised Contact

A site administrator has full access to every module on your site and the ability to request significant changes from our technical team. It is imperative that your site administrator is always kept up to date.

The authorised contact can request support and changes from our technical team. Your package may have limited authorised contacts, so it is important to make sure that you have these contacts updated so that your administrators can get the support they need when required.

To update your authorised contact or site administrator, see the instructions on our article Site & Organisation Settings

Adding an Administrator and Applying Roles and Permissions

Share the workload on your administrative tasks by giving different administrators access to different sections and modules on your site for them to administer. 

For example, you may have an events coordinator that you want to have access only to events. Or you may have a Treasurer who should access only the site payments report. This is all possible by creating a role and applying the correct permissions for the administrator. 

To learn how to create and add administrator roles, see our article Creating roles and permissions