Setting up and Managing Your Payment Gateway

How to setup and edit your Member Jungle Payment Gateway so you can take online payments on your site.



When you are ready to start taking payments online all you need to do is configure your payment gateway and add your organisations bank account details to receive the money transacted.

The following sections are covered in this article:


Connect or Create Your Gateway

You will need to apply for a Stripe payment gateway, or connect an existing Stripe gateway in order to accept online payments from your members and users.

To do this:

  • Select Member Jungle Payments from the list of Modules on your website.
  • Select the Screenshot (90) button to be taken to Stripe and create or link your gateway.
  • If you have an existing Stripe account already, you can sign in to Stripe using your email at this point to link your current account with your Member Jungle website.
  • If you do not currently have a Stripe account, you can begin the wizard to create one by adding your email address and continuing through the steps as prompted.

Screenshot (91)

You will need:

In order to create your gateway, Stripe must first verify your identity. All information that is entered into this area is visible only to Stripe and is fully encrypted and secure.

  • Details and photo identification for yourself 
  • Details and identification for any authorised representatives and/or directors you nominate on your account application
  • Business details and registration information for any business applications

If your business does not have an ABN, you can add eleven zero's into the ABN field, and upload your business identity document (incorporation certificate, business name registration etc) into the ABN file upload field.


Sandbox Test Gateway

It is possible to test the user experience of your payment gateway by using the Sandbox gateway prior to connecting your Stripe account. To see more information on this, please view our article Member Jungle Sandbox Payment Gateway


Configuring Your Gateway Fees & Offering Other Payment Methods

As site administrator you have access to configure the system to pass on Gateway and Service fees, or absorb them.

You can also set up manual payment methods to offer your members or for admin only purposes.

To see how to configure these settings, see our article on Payment Settings