Setting up an Events Page

How to set up a page for your Events module to display on your website.

The Events Module is a great way to show upcoming events on your website.

An Events page displays all of the current event items and automatically removes events when the have occurred in the past.  As well as the Events page, the "Events Module" can easily be displayed on any page of your website, automatically displaying the last five events.

Setting up the Events Page

To display events, you will need to have a page on your website selecting "Events" as the Module Name. The page must also be active. You will be able to tell which page is assigned to the Events Module by the Events icon (as shown below). If you would like any text to appear above your Events, enter it into the content editor within Page Administration.

Refer: Adding Pages

Accessing the Events Module

To access the Events Module click on the Modules icon in the top navigation and select "Events" from the dropdown list. You will be taken to the Events Administration area, which shows all of the Events items on your website.

There are 3 different settings for the events module which are controlled by us. If you only have the basic events calendar you will not see the last two options "Registration" and "Ticketing". You must have an online payment gateway to have online ticketing setup. If you wish to enquire about adding more features to your events module please contact our support team.