Member Jungle Product Release February 23

Here is a summary of the new features or changes to Member Jungle added in our February 2023 release.


If you have your own Stripe payment Gateway you can pass on (the default is to absorb) your Stripe fees as part of transactions with your members.  See this article towards the bottom on how to configure the amount you pass on

For all payment methods, including manual methods like bank transfer, you can adjust the messages shown after the transaction and which also go onto the invoice. This article has more details.


In Group Memberships, you can now define custom fields for Secondary members. Previously Secondary Members only had demographic fields available. When you define custom fields for your Membership Level and you configure whether the fields are just for the Primary Member or for bother Primary and Secondary Member. More info:


We have completed some additional performance tuning work which should make you websites even more snappy for your members.

Additional work has been completed for 2 factor authentication (2FA) and has been rolled out to selected sites. If you are interested in trialling this for your club please let us know via We can send you more information and show you how it works.