FAQ: How can I make members only pages?

Learn how to make members only pages and role restrict to certain users.


How can I make members only pages?


You can give pages role restrictions so that only a chosen group can access them.

This can be for certain types of membership, or committee and any role that is set up in your security.

See Creating Roles and Permissions for users for how to create roles, and add users. Membership levels are automatically given roles on signing up, so you will not need to create or allocate membership related roles.

Once you have the required roles set up, you can restrict the access to a page by going to Pages in the top menu and finding the page in the list that you would like to restrict.

Click on the Security icon   next to the relevant page.

You will firstly need to delete the Public role, by clicking on the trash can. Then you can select the role(s) you would like to add to the page from the drop down list. With each selection, click on the save button.

A user will then need to be logged in with these selected roles to be able to view this page.

For more information on page roles, see Changing Page User Roles.