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Committee Changes & Training

What steps are needed to update the Member Jungle system when you change administrators and/or committee members

If you have had a change in administrators on your Member Jungle site, you will need to ensure that you also update your system to reflect the new access that each administrator should have.

Below are some tips and tricks that you should cast your eye over each time you have an admin change to ensure you keep your system up to date.

In this article are some tips on...

Updating Site Admin & Authorised Contacts

Checking and Editing Administrator Roles & Permissions

Book a Committee Training Session


Update Site Administrator and Authorised Contact

A site administrator has full access to every module on your site and the ability to request significant changes from our technical team. It is imperative that your site administrator is always kept up to date.

The authorised contact can request support and changes from our technical team. Your package may have limited authorised contacts, so it is important to make sure that you have these contacts updated so that your administrators can get the support they need when required.

To update your authorised contact or site administrator, see the instructions on our article Site & Organisation Settings


Update Administrator Roles and Permissions

If you have administrators that have been given their privileges through the security module, then you will need to ensure that any changes in administrators are reflected in this area as well.

To check and update administrator roles, see our article Creating roles and permissions


Book a Personalised Committee/Administrator Training Session

To ensure that your organisation is using Member Jungle to its full potential and that all of your administrators know the ins and outs of the system, be sure to book your Committee Training Session.

In your training you will have a Member Jungle professional personalise your training session to your needs, using your website, so that your administrators get the best understanding of the system possible.

We will record your session so that you can refer back to it at a later date, and share with other administrators.

See more information and book a Committee Training Session