Plain Content Blocks

When to use a Plain Content Block


When to use a Plain Content Block

  • A Plain Content Block, is used to insert general content onto your page, which you would otherwise normally enter via the Content Editor. The reason you would use a Content Block for this content, is to have it appear on your page below, or amongst other Content Blocks.
  • A plain Content Block can include text, pictures, media and documents

How to add a Plain Content Block

  • Once you have followed the instructions on Adding Content Blocks , locate your new Content Block on the Widgets page, and click on the  to enter the settings page
  • If you need to expand the editor page, you can click and drag the bottom corner to increase the size

  • Enter the content, as you would in to the Using the Editor


  • You can edit the Advanced Options of the content block to add things like:
    • Background colour
    • Background image (with or without an overlay colour)
    • Display type (full width, background full width, or standard)
      Content Block-1
  • Click Save, and you will be taken back to the Widgets page, which will show your updated Content Block

Content Block-2

  • Content Blocks are live on your website page as soon as you click Save. So it is a good idea to preview your page and ensure the update is correct.

  • Below is how the Plain Content Block with advanced settings, as shown above, will appear live on the Website. (Note: The text and colours may differ depending on the styling of your website)

Content Block-3

See Editing Content Blocks  for more information on how to make changes to your Content Block.