Member Jungle Product Release May 21

Here is a summary of the new features added in our May 2021 release with a focus on some additional features for Events.


Changes for Group Memberships

If you are using group membership features, when registering for events on the website then you can now add secondary members or guests as part of registration or purchase. More details about this great new feature can be found here.

Manual Payments for Events

Events now has the options for manual payment methods (bank transfers, cash, etc). You can approve payments and additional information regarding the manual payment process can be defined and then displayed after the ticket is purchased. It is also included in the email sent to members following registration. More information is here.  Add Manual Payments to Events.


The Comparison Report (used to compare external system data to what is in Member Jungle) has had a couple of improvements. You can now compare Membership Products and additionally, excluded Member Jungle email addresses will not be used in the comparison checks.


We have beefed up security around stopping more false logins attempts and attacks on your club website.

We also have improved some underlying performance, fixed a few styling and display issues and squashed any bugs that have popped up along the way.