How to Refund a Transaction

Here is some information on refunds.

The following applies to clubs who use our Member Jungle payment gateway.  If you use your own payment gateway, please contact your gateway provider for details on providing a refund.

Refunds for Membership or Products

If your member requests a refund for membership or products sold through the catalogue or store, you should;

  • Check that the request has been made within the set refund policy days.
  • All payments through your Member Jungle site are paid to you weekly, therefore, you will have received the money for this ticket purchase, and your gateway fees have been deducted from the ticket amount.
  • It is up to your organisation as to how to refund the member and what amount. We recommend that this information be detailed in your Terms and Conditions.

NOTE: The Member Jungle system doesn't have the ability to process automated refunds. Refunds must be processed manually by the club, outside of the Member Jungle system.  Member Jungle service and platform fees are non-refundable.

Refunds for events

If your club or organisation uses the Member Jungle payment gateway, or your own Stripe account - it is possible to issue refunds for events if you have the functionality turned on. 

For more information see event cancellations and refunds