FAQ: Member registered for the wrong Membership product

How do I change the product a member is registered to?


If a member has purchased the incorrect product you can update it as follows.


Member signed up to wrong product and hasn't paid

  • Membership administrator can expire the member by clicking the 'edit' icon next to the member in 'Membership' and then contact the member and get them to log into the system and join with the correct product.

Member signed up to wrong product and has paid

  • Membership administrator finds the member and records the expiry date and amount paid.
  • Membership admin clicks the '...' link and then on 'Renew Member' - 'select the correct product' and then on 'Save'.
  • The fee can be edited if the new product is of a higher cost to make up for the difference.  If the new product fee is lower you may need to process a partial refund manually.  To edit the fee click the 'edit' icon next to fee and adjust accordingly and click 'Set Total'.  Select the method of payment and click 'Next'.
    • For credit card payments you will need to have the member's card details or request them over the phone during the change.
    • For cash payments you can go ahead and finalise the payment then manually invoice the member for the difference.
  • Once payment is made click approve.
  • Once the member is signed up to the correct membership product you may have to click 'edit' on expiry date if not correct.