How to upload and display videos.

The Videos module is available to Standard and higher plans.  If you would like access to this module please raise a support case and our team will assist.

To access the Videos module you can find it under the Modules navigation in the admin area.

There are three main options:

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  • Video List displays a list of uploaded videos
  • Add Video is the upload area where new videos can be uploaded
  • Video Settings is where the module defaults can be set

Video List

Once you have uploaded at least one video it will appear in this list.  From here you can manage your uploaded videos.

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  • Featured Video: click this option to make a select video featured on the output page
  • Edit: edit settings and change thumbnail image
  • Activate: toggle this to activate or deactivate a video from displaying on the site
  • Delete: delete video from server

Add Video

To add a video click Add Video in the navigation and fill out the required fields before clicking Save & Close.

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Video Settings

These are the default settings for uploaded videos. Adjust as required before clicking Save.

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