Using and Storing External System ID's

How you can use and store another system ID against a member account.

Member Jungle allows you to store an External System ID against a member record to help match records between different systems or have a compulsary field with the members demographic details.


To setup an external System ID you will first need to give your External System ID a Label.

  • Click on Dashboard from the top navigation bar
  • Click on Site Details from the left hand menu
  • Located towards the bottom of the page there is a field under Site Settings called External System ID Label

  • Type the name of your ID into this field and then you are ready to add it to your membership form.


Now you have labelled your ID you need to add it to your membership forms.

  • To Go Membership from the top navigation bar
  • Click on Levels  - List Levels from the left menu

  • You will see a list of all of the membership levels on your site
  • Click on Forms Fields next to the form that you wish to edit 
  • Click on the Add Field button located at the top left

  • Now in the list of field options will be the new external ID that you just labelled i.e. the name you gave it in Site Details.
  • Select the new field from the list , choose if it is required or not and then click add field.
  • The new field will now appear on your form and you can move it around for more information on editing the forms see Managing Your Membership Forms.
  • Your new field will now be available for you to edit as administrator and for new members to add and edit as they sign-up and renew.
  • The new field will be available when you view you click on a Member's name or View Member Data and can also be exported with the basic "Export to CSV" that includes only demographic information.