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Member Jungle System Overview

  • Here we give a demonstration overview of the capabilities of the Member Jungle membership system.
  • You will see some of the great features of the system and how it can work together with your Member Jungle website to best correspond with your members.
  • Most importantly, this overview can demonstrate how your organisations administrators and membership coordinators job is made so much simpler by using Member Jungle.


Configuring Your Dashboard

  • Site Performance Reports
  • Payments Reports
  • Adding Site Details
  • SEO Tools



Setting Up & Managing Membership

  • Your membership overview
  • Configuring membership levels & creating products
  • Setting up & schedualling your automated emails
  • Searching and administering your members


Creating Custom Membership Forms

  • Adding form fields to Membership sign up forms
  • Editing and re-ordering form fields


Importing Your Members

  • Creating your membership data spreadsheet
  • Importing members into your Member Jungle membership system


Setting Up Payment Methods

(Available depending on your package - N/A to customers using the Member Jungle Gateway)

  • Available payment methods
  • Switching on your chosen payment methods



Creating Latest News

  • Adding a news page to your website
  • Creating a new news article
  • News on the Mobile App



Using the Document Library

  • Adding a Document Library to your website
  • Creating document categories
  • Uploading & Editing documents
  • Role restricting document categories



Adding and Editing Slideshows

  • Adding slideshows
  • Uploading slides
  • Adding/Editing text to your slideshow
  • Adding slideshows to pages



Using The Photo Gallery Module

  • Adding a photo gallery page
  • Creating photo albums
  • Uploading images to your albums



Member Jungle Mobile App

  • What modules are available on the App
  • Membership card & information on the App
  • Event information & registration via the App
  • Push