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Member Jungle System Overview - Your Questions Answered

Watch a general overview video answering the main questions customers typically have about Member Jungle including;
  • What is Member Jungle
  • Pricing Options
  • Onboarding
  • Support
  • and More


Setting Up & Managing Membership

  • Your membership overview
  • Configuring membership levels
  • Creating products and prices
  • Building a membership form
  • Automated membership emails
  • Managing Members
  • Membership Reporting
  • Member Settings
  • Importing your members and more...




Managing Events and Using the Events Module

  • Creating an event
  • Configuration Registration and Ticketing Events
  • Event Types and Settings
  • Event Chatrooms
  • Event Reporting and Attendance Tracking
  • and Sending Scheduled Event Emails



Security Module

  • Creating and managing accounts
  • Creating Groups and Roles
  • Managing Permission Access on your Site
  • Login Reports
  • and more


Creating and Managing Pages on Your Website

  • Adding end editing Pages
  • Widgets and how they work
  • Role Restricting Pages
  • Just what is a Module Page

Creating Latest News

  • Adding a news page to your website
  • Creating a new news article
  • News on the Mobile App


Using the Document Library

  • Adding a Document Library to your website
  • Creating document categories
  • Uploading & Editing documents
  • Role restricting document categories


Adding and Editing Slideshows

  • Adding slideshows
  • Uploading slides
  • Adding/Editing text to your slideshow
  • Adding slideshows to pages


Using The Photo Gallery Module

  • Adding a photo gallery page
  • Creating photo albums
  • Uploading images to your albums


Member Jungle Mobile App

  • What modules are available on the App
  • Membership card & information on the App
  • Event information & registration via the App
  • Push Notifications and more

Membership Datasets / Car Datasets

  • What is Membership Datasets / Car Datasets
  • How to Setup Datasets
  • Export Field Data with Membership Information

  • Advanced Reporting on Custom Datasets