Store Shipping

Set up and manage store shipping and delivery options in the Online Store Module.

In this area you can set up your shipping schedule and costs by following these steps. You can have your Store to calculate delivery by two methods: weight or the cost of the order.

You can also choose to separate delivery costs by delivery groups  which allow you to specify towns for each group.


Choose whether you want to calculate your delivery calculations by weight of the product or the cost of the order.

Then according to what you have selected about, nominate your unit of measure.

In the above example we have set up the delivery criteria to be cost of order and measured by AUD$.

Once you are finished click save.


To get started with setting up your shipping you need to decide if you are going to have different shipping costs for different regions i.e. Local Shipping different to NSW and WA and TAS higher. Most commonly used reason for this would be if there are remote areas where the cost of freight is usually high you can split these off into groups and charge them a separate shipping costs to cover the extra costs to deliver to these areas.

  • Click on Delivery Groups to create the different group names, give them a recognisable name and select Australia. 

  • Click on towns to set up the delivery group for a specific town or area

  • You can search by town name
  • Or by Postcode
  • Or Postcode Range
  • Or State

Once you hit search the list of towns you have asked to look for will display below. The example we have used here is the postcode search from 2300 to 2305. Here are the results:

To add these to your delivery group you can select all or select what you would like and then click "Add Selected". Note if you have a large selection of postcode you will need to scroll right to the bottom of the screen to see the "Add Selected" button.

You can add more towns to your list and delete towns as you like.

Another way to add a town is to add it manually. Use this option if the town you are looking for can not be found using the traditional search above.


You can create different types of shipping methods. Select if you will only allow pickup only or not and name the method you are setting up.

In this example we have selected no to pickup only and calling the shipping method "Delivery". An example of different options would be Standard Shipping, Express Shipping etc.

Click Save.

Now you will see your shipping method. To active this shipping select the active icon to green.

You can edit the name and pick up option by clicking on edit.

You can delete the delivery method by clicking.

Click the Cost Schedule to set up the pricing for delivery.


All prices on this page are in dollars($).

The default/unmatched cost schedule for a region will be used if an order doesn't match a group.

Our Store only has the ability to ship to Australia in most cases.

Because in this example we have selected cost of order as the shipping method, you can select  as many rows as you like. In the example above for orders between $0 to $100 a flat delivery of $50 has been applied.

If you want free delivery over a certain price you can indicate this here by making it a $0 delivery cost.