Role Restricted Members

How you can membership products that are only available to specific roles.

To create a role restricted member, you will need to be logged in with administration access.  For the purpose of this article we will call the role "News Subscriber", however, you should name the role whatever suits.

  • Select Security from the top menu bar
  • Create a new role name "News Subscriber". Activate this role.
  • Select Users icon  next to the new role, and add the users that you wish to have access.

rtaImage (15)-4

  • Select Membership from the top menu bar
  • Add a product called News Subscriber in the desired Membership Level. 
  • Select the product duration
  • Select the product availability
  • Set the joining and or renewal price
  • Select No in the "Public Product" section
  • Select the News Subscriber Role in the settings under "Allowed Roles"
  • Click Add

rtaImage (16)-4
Users who have been added to the "News Subscriber" role will now have access to purchase the restricted product.