Product Import/Export

Importing and exporting products in to the Online Store

Store Import/Export

The Online Store module allows you to easily export all products and import products with or without variants.  Product images can also be imported at the same time.

The Product Import/Export feature can be accessed from the Store Admin page as shown.

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Store Export

The store export has the following options for export:

  • Category: Select "All Categories" for all or hit the drop down to select a single category for export
  • Brand: Select "All Brands" for all or hit the drop down to select a single brand for export
  • Active only: If set to "Yes" only active products will be exported.  Default it "No"
  • Export Format: Default is CSV (comma separated values) XML can also be chosen
  • Columns to Include: These are the list of product details to be included in the export.  All are selected by default so deselect any that aren't required

Once the above options are set hit the EXPORT button to generate a CSV export.  This export can be used again as part of an Import Update or retained for posterity.

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Store Import

Please follow these instructions to import products.

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Once have prepared your CSV for import, set the following options:

  • Import File: The CSV you wish to import
  • Category: Set this option if you want to import all products into a specific category.  Leave empty if CSV contains multiple categories
  • Brand: Set this option if you want to import all products into a specific brand.  Leave empty if CSV contains multiple brands
  • Products Active After Import?: Set No if you want imported products to be inactive.  Set Yes if you would like imported products to be active
  • Details to update: Select any product details that should be updated for existing products within the CSV
  • Replace Main Image?: Select Yes if your import contains new product images
  • Thumbnail Type: Choose the version you would like
  • Large Thumbnail Width (px): Edit from the default 250 pixels if you wish

Once the above options are set, hit the IMPORT PRODUCTS button.  The import will progress to the next step.
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On the next screen you will be presented with a list of products.  You can select individual products or all products to import.  Review the products and then click IMPORT.
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The final screen will give a result of the import and will show successful imports as well as warnings and errors.