Page Widgets

Managing Widgets on a Page

Managing Widgets on a Page

What is a Page Widget?

  • Page Widgets are tools to help manage and organise your content.
  • There are different types of Widgets for most modules, which have several different purposes.
  • A Widget can be positioned as;
    • Pre-Content Widgets - are positioned at the top of the page, above all page content
    • Centre Widgets- are positioned in the centre of the page, at the end of the page content
    • Post Content Widgets- are positioned at the bottom of the page, below the content, and centre Widgets, but above the site footer.
    • Side Column Widgets- are positioned on the left or right side of the page, beside the page content, and any other widgets on the page. 

Managing a Page Widget

  • To access the Widgets Administration, go to Page Management by selecting Pages from the top menu
  • Click the Widgets icon  next to the page you wish to add or edit the Widgets on
  • Once on the Widgets page, you will see all the current Widgets currently active on the page. 

Editing a Page Widget

  • To Edit a Widget, access the Widgets page, and click the Cog icon  on the right of the relevant Widget
  • Edit the settings, or content as required, and click Save & Close.
  • These changes are live on your site immediately, so we recommend checking the changes are correct on your website.

Re-Ordering Page Widgets

  • You can re-order Page Widgets once you have added them by clicking the  icon and dragging the Widget to the position you would like it moved to.
  • Widgets can only be moved within their Categories (ie - you can re-order centre Widgets, with other centre Widgets, and post-content Widgets with other post-content Widgets etc).
  • Side Widgets can also be moved from left to right of the page by dragging to the desired side.