Membership Overview and Dashboard

Create and manage your membership overview dashboard so you can see exactly what your members are doing on your site.

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What is the membership overview dashboard?

Adding widgets to the dashboard

Editing settings of a widget

Re-ordering widgets on the dashboard

Deleting widgets from the dashboard



The Membership Overview and Dashboard is designed to give you an insight in to the activity in your Membership Module. 

You can customise the information displayed on this page, to suit your requirements, by adding and editing Widgets. 

To get the the Membership Overview page, you need to be logged in as an admin, then select Membership from the top menu bar. This will open the Membership Overview which will look similar to the below image.

Here you will see the pending Membership Numbers, Member Name, their Membership Level and Product, and their Membership Status and Expiry Date. You will also see other useful icons which give admin quick access to Member Details, and give a simple tool for approving and rejecting memberships;

  • The Approve column is used to approve a new or renewing membership. There are two icons that may appear in this column. The  is used to enter the receipt of payment for a pending (new or renewing) member. Once the payment details are entered, admin can approve the membership. The  icon is used when a payment has been made, but the member requires approval from admin to proceed.
  • The Reject icon  is used to reject a member who has not made payment
  • The Notes icon  is used to view and add notes for the member. This shows the members membership applications, payments and transactions.
  • The Email icon  is used to email a member directly. By clicking this icon, a pop up with an email editor will appear for admin to create the email.
  • The  gives more options for the member; 

  • + Add Payment, is used to enter a Membership payment, paid by the member.
  • View Member Details, shows the Members name, address, and contact details.
  • View Membership Data, details the information that the membership included in the sign up form. 
  • View Orders, gives a list of past transactions for the member.
  • Remove Member, will remove a member from a membership level only.  This will not remove the member account.



  • You can customise what information is displayed on your Dashboard, by adding Widgets to the Dashboard.
  • To add a Widget, click the  icon at the top of the Membership Overview page.
  • Select the Widget you wish to add to the Dashboard from the list, and click on "+Add Widget" 


  • To resize, or edit the settings of a Widget, click the cog icon  on the top right of the Widget
  • Select if you would like the Widget to display small, medium or large
  • Some Widgets will have more options to customise the graph or information displayed. Complete each preference.
  • Click Save when you have completed your edit


  • To move and re-order Widgets on your Dashboard display, click and hold your left mouse button on the report heading, and drag and drop the Widget to the desired location. 


  • To Delete a Widget from the Dashboard, click the X icon in the top right corner of the Widget. 

Watch the Membership Tutorial Video