Member Jungle Product Release September 21

Here is a summary of the new features added in our September 2021 release. It includes some significant improvements around managing time zones for your club and your events.

Time Zones

Your site's default time zone can be set in Organisation Settings. The site default time zone will be used across your site for invoices, Journaling and time stamps throughout the system. (Not quite yet for email timestamps as that's a bit trickier, but we are working on it!)


Pending Members

The Pending Members list now includes some additional information if you are waiting on manual payments.

Override GST

You can now override your site-wide GST setting on a per product basis. This allows you, for example, to have an international membership product with GST set to 0 if that is appropriate for your club.


The Site Administrator can set the preference to Mute Newsletter Emails that previously had to be set by the member. It is done in the Member Details pop-up.

The join date / membership level start date terminology has been made consistent throughout data exports and forms.


You can select a time zone for your event which may be different to your default time zone. Calendar invitations, all displays, logs and the app will use the Event specific time zone.


Content Block widgets have a new attribute to override the text colour.

Delete / Cancel Catalogue orders is now a similar process as it is for canceling Event Tickets.

Forgot Password Links are now in workflows like buying event tickets, products or membership.

Fixed some display issues that only occurred in Chrome on an iPad.

Plus a few more tweaks to our Course module to make it even more gorgeous.