Member Jungle Product Release - Sep 19

Here is a summary of the new features added in the latest release. Thanks always to our awesome clubs for suggestion a number of these improvements.



The Membership Import now allows email addresses to be updated for existing members.

Member Levels Alert

If a Member Level is not completely configured you will get an indicator shown against that level that is is in-complete.

Un-archive Member

You asked and it has been delivered! You can now un-archive a member that you have archived.  You can optionally add that member to a level, update expiry date and send a password reset email.

State and Country Filtering

For our international and national clubs, you can now filter by Country and State in the Advanced Search feature.

Title added to Account Options

For your membership forms, you can now select if you want Title (Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc) as part of your account details signup options.

Events, News, Blog

All privileges related to these modules are standardised. In addition, pagination and items shown has been added to News.

Plus we have squashed a few pesky bugs that have popped up and prepared our code for some new and exciting additions to Member Jungle (stay tuned!).