Member Jungle Product Release October 22

Page Editor

Our page editor, which is included across most of the system, has been upgraded with some nice new features.  The biggest for me is that you can cut-and-paste images into the editor or drag an image from your desktop.  The new editor also includes an updated grammar and spelling checker (in the bottom right corner).


Birthday and Birth date searching is in Advanced Search.   So you can search for members who have a birthday in a set date rage - e.g. 1st of October to 31st October.  Once you have them in your search results, how about sending them a Happy Birthday wish from your club.

You can also search for people based on their birthdate. In this example, you can search for members whose birthdate was between particular dates - e.g. 1st October 1982 and 31st of October 1982 - that is, who is turning forty this month!

Additional journal notes has been added when managing secondary members. Details are in the notes for both the primary and secondary member.


In the Payment Report you can now -un-select individual events and get payment reports on all events.

Document Library

The Document Library Administration area has had a big re-vamp. Access to all documents, searching and categories is much simpler, and we have made the module consistent with the feel of other modules.


We have spent a bit of time on security and accountability in this release. To track access to your private member data, any exports of membership data, payment reports and event attendees are audited, and the audit notes can be accessed from the Security Module System Report.

In the Security Module there is a new Settings Area. At the moment all you can update here are the details of a Security Manager email address. (If not set security related emails will go to the Site Contact Email Address).

This new email address is notified whenever a member has locked their account, so you can be on the front foot when helping them out.


Pages, Events, News and Blog now have a Preview button to view your edited page version. The link against the item now takes you to the live version of that page.

Forums now have timezone support.

There is now a Custom 404 page. So when a person tries to access a page that doesn't exist on your website, they are directed to a Custom 404 page instead of re-directing to the Home Page.

The PowerData widget now shows the name of the PowerData form in the widget title.

There are a few other tweaks you will notice including some performance updates and improvements to the user interface.