Member Jungle Product Release Nov 20

Here is a summary of the new features added in our November 2020 release including a significant change to the Site Payments Report location.

Site Payments Report

The Site Payments Report is now a stand-alone component and has moved from the Dashboard area to your account menu.

The Site Payments Report is now located in the drop down menu under your account name in the top right of your admin area. We will be slowly moving more Company, Billing and Admin settings into this location.

As a stand-alone component, the Site Payment can be granted access to specific Roles in the Security area. For example you can create a Treasurer role for your organisation, add your treasure or others to that list and give that role access to just the Site Payments Report.


Performance improvements have been implemented for some of the dashboard widgets.

Membership Imports now update Date of Birth for existing members.


More emails (page admin, membership, events, etc) are now being sent immediately throughout the system instead of waiting for a batch send (every 10 mins). Only Email Campaign messages will be batched.

Email Campaign messages with greater than 1000 recipients now skip the display of the destination email addresses. This was taking far too long for big email lists and slowed things down significantly.

Membership linked Email Campaigns will not send emails to the Excluded Email addresses defined in your Membership settings.

We have introduced a new Email Campaign type for email messages constructed in other Email products like Mailchimp, Litmus or BeePro. This setting 'Allow External Source Code' allows you to paste external code into an email campaign message and no additional formatting will be added by Member Jungle.

A count of email address destinations is shown before you send the emails in the final step of sending a message.

The date for an Event is also added in the Audit logs. This particularly helps for those clubs with recurring events with the same name.


A fix has been put into place for a bug where if you cloned an Event and never edited that Event, the email notifications sent to the administrators would have the wrong content.


Dashboard reports have been cleaned up for display in the scheduled emails.