Member Jungle Product Release May 22


As part of our continuing work to internationalise Member Jungle, your selected club currency and currency symbols are displayed across reports, forms etc for those clubs using not AUD currency.


For those clubs using Group Memberships, there are now a few additional relationship types you can activate. They are defined in Membership --> General Settings.

We have also been doing a lot of work on re-usable field collections, which in essence are related fields. For example, details about a car (rego, colour, VIN, etc).  We have this work in beta testing and will make it available to others in an upcoming release.


To improve the workflow for event registrations and purchasing, we now allow members the option to login at the start of the event registration process.


STOP ERIC!   You all may have been bombarded with spam through your contact forms from Eric - offering all sorts of great search engine services. Eric must have been paying real humans to fill in these forms as they were passing the dreaded CAPTCHA screens (pick the traffic signals!).  We have put in some specific code to stop Eric in his tracks.

We have also been doing some performance tweaks and preparation for more reports improvements.