Member Jungle Product Release Late-May 23

Events and Chat

A long requested feature, you can now have a Chat Group associated with an Event and have registered members only access that chat.  In the Registration tab for your Event you can choose to have a linked Chatroom and how many days after the event to keep the chatroom enabled.   More details are available on our help page 


We have updated our integration with Stripe to allow for more payment flexibility in the future.


Any charges to site payment settings are now available in the System Audit Report.


You can specify different Xero account codes for sales from each module in Organisation Settings --> Payment and Gateway Settings. You can also define Xero account codes for Service fees, Payment Surcharges, Delivery and Discounts applied.


And just a note that from 26 June 2023, Stripe will no longer support payment processing on Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) or other legacy browsers. This means that customers who visit your site using IE11 or other legacy browsers will no longer be able to check out or pay using Stripe.   Why? IE11 is very old, not supported by Microsoft and has many security flaws that are no longer being patched by Microsoft. To ask IE11 users to upgrade to a new browser version you can add your website to the IE Compatibility List hosted by Microsoft. This will automatically display a banner when an IE11 user visits your website which prompts them to upgrade to a supported browser.