Member Jungle Product Release June 22

Reports, Reports, Reports

Our big focus over the last quarter has been on adding more report widgets across the Dashboard and key modules. Check them out in the Dashboard, Membership and the new Events Dashboard. There are lots of options to analyze your members and their demographic details as well as additional module and revenue reports.  Add some and play with the options.

We have also improved the way the widgets load so you should see some performance improvements across the board.


As part of our continuing work to internationalise Member Jungle, address entry has been standardised and improved across all modules.


For those clubs using Field Collections, they are now available to members in their MySite area.


We've added a new reports Dashboard. It is at the top of the menu but we have kept the default link to Events to be the Events List.


We have standardised countries and states used in the business directory module.

STOP ERIC!  You all may have been bombarded with spam through your contact forms from Eric - offering all sorts of great search engine services. We have done a bit more work to stop Eric and his ilk.