Member Jungle Product Release Jun 20

Here is a summary of the new features added in our June 2020 release.

Site Payments Reports and Remittance Advice

Following feedback from some of our clubs we now include more detail in the Remittance Advice and the Site Payments Report.

The Remittance Advice now includes the number of transactions, gross and net amounts of the transactions paid. 

The full list of individual transactions from a payment can still be selected in the on screen report. We now include the fees breakdown as well as net amounts. 


Zapier Triggers

We now include two more triggers for those using Zapier Integration. Event Registration and Event Cancellation.  In Zapier, make sure you select Version 1.1 of the Member Jungle Integration.

New Module


We now have a Polls module for use for those on our Standard and Premium packages. The Polls module allows you to run simple polls on your website. This could be used for simple things like What's your favourite colour? or even for more complex polls like Select three of the following locations for next years events? 

Only logged in Members can vote and you can restrict a Poll to specific Membership Levels or Roles.  Results can be shown immediately or not displayed until a future date (for members or both members and admins).

Contact our support team if the Polls module is not available on your site and we will get it activated for you. 

PowerData Forms

The PowerData Forms module has had a bit of an overhaul. You can access all Forms from the PowerData admin menu option (under Modules). You can now in-activate old forms which removes them from both public display and the menus. You can also choose which PowerData forms are shown in the Administration Modules menu. So common forms like Contact Us can be kept easily accessible and less common forms can be accessed from the PowerData area.

The PowerData widgets have been improved to separate simple Forms and Membership Forms. The Forms widget, previously available under the Workflow module, is now (more logically) listed under PowerData. 

Other Improvements

We have updated the Member Jungle App API so that for News items, we include the main News image underneath the story (as well as a cut down version in the header).

A New release of the App will be coming out very soon (V1.4.10) which will have improvements to the Events area to show Previous Events attended and Upcoming Events for which you have registered.

Plus as usual we have squashed a few bugs that have popped up along the way.

Thank you to our awesome supporters who have put through some of the feature suggestions included in this release.