Member Jungle Product Release - Jan 18

Changes to membership, events, security and the Member Jungle mobile app.



Administrators are able to import new members by uploading from a CSV file.

In membership, administrators can search existing accounts that have been on the website (through the store, event attendees or abandoned membership) to add them as a member.


Administrators can manually add event attendees. They can purchase tickets and/or register for them. They can also process their credit card or cash payments on their behalf.

Administrators can choose to share event registration details with members from the Member Jungle App. If shared, members can view the list of people who have accepted or declined the event on the Mobile app.

The post-registration message can now be customised.

Administrators can choose if an event registration email is sent.


The Login Report now differentiates between website and app logins.

Members can now easily reset their password with no temporary tokens required.

Mobile App


Expired Members have limited access to information within the App. They will be prompted to renew their membership. 

Usernames are now case insensitive and require additional validation.

To remove a Club in your Member Jungle App or to logout of the Member Jungle app you need to swipe left so you can see a delete button on IOS devices.


Members can register for events and update registrations via the mobile app. Links are available to Purchase Tickets when applicable.

Members can also decline, de-register and edit their registrations.

If registrations for an event are shared, members can see the registration lists of people who have accepted and declined the event.


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